LNG, Sustainable Solution

Population growth and rising living standards mean global energy needs are growing each day and the world will need more energy to meet increasing demand over the coming decades. At the same time, with climate change considered to be one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, efforts have to be directed towards achieving a low-carbon energy mix.

LNG, one of the cleanest fossil fuels, offers a solution to the world’s economic and environmental challenges in a secure and sustainable way. When burnt to heat homes or for industrial use, it releases 25-30% less CO2 than oil per unit of energy produced.

The combustion of LNG also releases significantly less CO2, NOx and SOx and virtually no ash or particulates. Furthermore, as it evaporates rapidly when exposed to the air, it leaves no residue on water or soil.

Our vision: Driving the switch to cleaner fuels

As part of the SHV Energy family of companies, Prima LNG is committed to operating sustainably. Every year, we switch many new customers from polluting fuels, such as coal and heavy oil to LNG, the cleanest of all fossil fuels.

In 2017, the carbon impact from switching customers from polluting fuels to our cleaner alternatives added up to more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 saved as a group. You can download our latest Sustainability Report here.

Switching from high carbon, heavily polluting energy installations to SHV Energy products is the activity that most clearly defines our strategy. We call it Advancing Energy Together.

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