The new PitPoint LNG filling station will open in April 2019 at the existing filling station at the transport center LAR Menen (Rekkem), near the French border.

Switch to an internationally covering LNG network

The LNG filling station in Rekkem is the first in Belgium and in the meantime the fifth LNG filling station opened by PitPoint LNG. More wider, Prima LNG covers an international network of more than 28 stations in Europe through SHV Energy’s local business units.

 What Experts say regarding the Future of Automotive LNG

Our Operation and Finance Director Peter Frühwirth comments as

"We supply LNG through the whole of Europe by means of our LNG truck fleet.

As LNG is not only a cleaner alternative to diesel but also a great choice from an economics perspective, we stimulate our transporters as much as possible to run on LNG.  Moreover, well-known brands such as Volvo, Scania and Iveco currently are able to offer LNG trucks, boosting a similar performance as diesel trucks, in terms of power capacity and accuracy radius.

On top of this In Belgium, hauliers also have the excise benefit.”

Steve Taets, Primagaz Benelux Procurement Manager states

"As a propane specialist, we are increasingly transporting LNG and are working closely together with transporters, who consciously choose to invest in LNG trucks. We do not impose this, but we do require our transporters to commit themselves as much as possible to sustainable and clean transport. Automatically this results in choosing for LNG.

In this way, we are happy to contribute to the strengthening of the LNG network in Belgium and Europe."

PitPoint LNG Sales Manager Koen Martin says;

“Aiming a greener transport, Pitpoint closely collaborates with different parties such as truck manufacturers, transporters and municipalities.  We can’t achieve this alone, all have to collaborate accordingly.”