Why switch to LNG?

LNG is the alternative of choice for any business that wishes to use natural gas as a portable energy source and who want to reduce its ecological footprint.

For industrial companies without access to the natural gas, or companies that have insufficient pressure or flow in the existing network.  LNG can be the ideal fuel for conventional industrial processes as it can provide a route to utilize natural gas without building a pipeline.

For land and sea based transportation, LNG offers the opportunity to use a lower cost, lower carbon solution to conventional diesel or heavy fuel oil. LNG is a well-established and widely available with hundreds of millions of tonnes transported across the world every year. Primarily used to support the natural gas pipeline, small scale LNG now offers the potential to transport this product by road, rail or sea to end users who can benefit from utilizing natural gas for their activities.

Switching to LNG is simple and as the product is widely available, easy to transport and simple to use at your site.

1) Supply of natural gas

Global natural gas reserves are now estimated at around 200 trillion cubic meters providing a stable source of energy to cover demand for the next 100 years.  These stocks are  sourced across the world and transported either by pipeline or by LNG.  Currently, 10% of the world gas demand is delivered by LNG which will grow as new, unconventional source of gas (Shale Gas, Coal Seam Gas) are developed.

2) Distribution of LNG

In Europe, there are a number of different loading options for LNG: Prima LNG currently sources LNG from Belgium, France, Spain, Poland, UK, Russia and the Netherlands. Other options are becoming available as the market develops meaning we are able to deliver your company from the most efficient terminal depending on your location. We transport the product using double walled, super vacuum insulated LNG trailers. Transport is completed by accredited transport companies with long standing track records in cryogenic and gas deliveries using drivers with ADR accreditation.

3) Easy access to natural gas from your own tank

Prima LNG places a double walled, vacuum insulated tank at your site to act as your own personal gas reserve. To convert LNG to natural gas, the product is warmed through a vaporizer and piped to the appropriate location.  For transportation fuel, the LNG is delivered directly to the vehicle or ships tank. Remote monitoring equipment is installed to monitor both the LNG level and to provide information on the activity of the system.

These components together are called an LNG satellite plant which have been in use for over 30 years. Prima LNG works with the market leading suppliers of the LNG equipment and specialized engineering firms to ensure the optimum performance at your site.

All investments in the LNG satellite plant are made by Prima LNG making the switch as easy and simple as possible.