System Installation

Following the decision to switch to LNG, the process is very simple.

1 Analysing the site

Our expert engineering team examine your site to position where the LNG System will be installed Our engineers prepare the installation project  according to the local regulations and requirements and provide a detailed specification including equipment layout, PiD and electrical and mechanical requirements for the site.

2 The civil work for the tank is laid

The construction work of the foundation for the LN G satellite plant starts under the close supervision of Prima LNG experts.

3 The tank and other equipment is delivered and installed

The LNG storage tank and equipment is delivered to the site, unloaded and the expert technical team supervised by Prima LNG carries out the assembly of the LNG satellite plant and the other system equipment.

4 The system safety units are installed

While the tank is installed, , the safety and security warning panels for the system are set up to ensure that the site operates in the most efficient and safest manner.  Once completed, the expert technical team of Prima LNG provides training for all personnel both on the theoretical and practical nature of the installation

5 The LNG System is ready for use

The LNG System is now ready for use. The installation is commissioned and Prima LNG can provide everything from the first site reveiw to the installation and comissioning of the system, as well as maintenance services as requested by the customer.