How to switch to LNG?

Switching to LNG is simple.

LNG for Industrial Applications.

Switching fuels to LNG is a simple process.  First of all, a detailed study of the current process is undertaken by the local sales and technical team to calculate your requirements in terms of energy and peak demand.  This is then translated into a specification for an LNG installation and linked to a full solution package including delivery of LNG to your facility.  Once a decision is reached, the installation will be ordered, built and commissioned to your specification.

This process takes around 3-6 months and once installed, the conversion of your equipment from current fuel to natural gas can be completed.  Once operational, all stock management and equipment service can be managed remotely to ensure a continuous process is maintained.

LNG as Transportation Fuel
Using LNG as a fuel for transportation can also be completed in a similar fashion.  Depending on the requirements, an LNG storage and distribution facility will be designed and built to allow LNG to be distributed to the end application.  This will be installed as a turnkey operation with stock management and service and maintenance included within the operation.