Partnership with SHV Energy

Prima LNG is part of SHV Energy, the world’s leading distributor of LPG. SHV Energy employs 14 000 people in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America providing LPG in cylinders and tanks for millions of people to use in thousands of applications.

Well-known brand names include Primagaz, Calor Gas, Liquigas, Super Gas, Ipragaz, Supergasbras and Gaspol. SHV Energy is also active in the distribution of LNG in Turkey, China and Europe and is an investor in lower carbon and renewable energy solutions.

SHV Energy believes that lower-carbon gaseous fuels like LPG and LNG have a considerable role to play, both now and in the foreseeable future. People and businesses can reduce pollution today by switching from high-polluting, carbon-intensive fuels such as oil to these forms of energy. They are clean, available now and do not need the major financial support of governments.  As a result, SHV Energy is committed to investing in both LPG and LNG as fuels for the future.

SHV Energy forms part of the SHV Holdings Group based in Utrecht, Netherlands. Founded in 1896, SHV Holdings is a family-owned multinational organisation, which consists of 6 groups of specialised companies. Present in 48 countries on all continents, SHV employs over 56,000 people with a turnover of EUR 20 Billion in 2012. In addition to the activities of energy distribution, SHV has activities in cash-and-carry wholesale (Makro), heavy lifting and transport activities (Mammoet) and industrial engineering and services (Eriks). As an investor, they are involved in the exploration, development and production of oil and gas through the Dyas brand and provide private equity to entrepreneurs in the Benelux, focusing on medium-sized companies through NPM Capital.