Our Experience with LNG

Over the last decade, SHV Energy has been active in small scale LNG in Turkey through our Ipragaz brand. 

During this time, we gained our experience both on the technical aspects and how to efficiently and safely deliver this product to our customers.  During this last ten years, we have supplied LNG to a wide range of customers across all of Turkey for a variety of applications.  The energy requirement of these customers range between 20 – 2000mT of LNG per annum (300 MWh to 300 GWh). 

Some interesting numbers:

- Volume: more than 100,000 tonnes/year
- Market share: 22%
- 865 active clients
- 25,000 deliveries per annum
- 68 Ipragaz owned trailers
- Segments: Domestic, General Service, Food Product, Construction, Chemistry-Plastic, Metal-Manufacturing works, Wood Products, Agriculture and Stockbreeding, Textile-Leather Trade, Soil Product, Tourism

Own trailers

In Europe we have our own distribution fleet of  LNG trailers transported by our logistics partners specialized in transport of cryogenic gasses.  These trailers are located across Europe based at the main LNG terminals.

These cryogenic trailers are optimized for transportation of liquid natural gas with a tank capacity of almost 58.000 litres.  These are some  of the biggest LNG trailers on the market in Europe in order to achieve maximum payloads to minimize logistics costs. All  trailers have inner and outer vessels in stainless steel with multilayer vacuum insulation.  This allows us to load in every European LNG terminal and have the maximum holding time to minimize any warming of the product.