Our Customers

The small scale LNG market is developing quickly with opportunities to use natural gas as a lower cost and more sustainable option for mobile energy. 

LNG offers the ability to transport natural gas effectively away from the natural gas grid opening up a variety of new applications.  The main focus of our activities is to develop markets for industrial customers and as atransportation fuel for road and marine.  LNG offers these markets a potential to move away from oil and diesel based products to provide a cleaner, quieter and more efficient solution.

With customers operational in the food, asphalt and agricultural markets and supply for road and marine applications now ongoing, we see LNG as the proven solution.  Further contracts have been signed with customers in France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Italy, UK and Germany to supply LNG in 2014 for applications in dairy, flavouring, local gas network and stonework markets in addition to the market segments above.